PGAA September Newsletter

Fellow Aviation Enthusiast,
Here are some updates from PGAA. In this installment, you will find some updates on our annual owner meeting, updates on our fleet, updates on available shares, and more:

Share for sale

We currently have 15 pilot/owners of our fleet of 3 Piper aircraft. The organization has three shares available for sale, which would bring our total to 18. The current owners believe that 18 is the right number of owners, still providing plenty of aircraft availability, while keeping the organization financially strong and our rates affordable.

Five great reasons to own a PGAA share:


Easy access to great, well maintained airplanes, including two Archers and one Cherokee 6


Get your own keys – so you can fly when you want to


Reduce your cost of flying – so you can afford to fly where you want to go


Proven model – we’ve been around since 2002 and have an experienced management team


Solid investment – we have a strong balance sheet and maintain our aircraft to sustain their value

Contact Steve Dowling – PGAA President – for more details

‘Zulu’ Update

In the June newsletter, we reported that one of our Archers had been in a taxi incident and required significant repair on the left wing. As of last month, we are happy to have Zulu back on the line, looking and flying great. The wing damage has been professionally repaired and tested and, as an added benefit, the wing got new paint and new, clear lenses on the wing tips. We invested a little bit extra to get the top of the right wing painted as well, making Zulu look very slick on the ramp. And it is great to be back to 3 airplanes to fly.

Fleet improvements

In addition to the Zulu improvements related to the wing repair, we implemented a lot of improvements to our fleet this summer:

Removed Garmin x96 docks in Zulu and Whiskey and replaced them by a 1″ Ram mount ball. We polled our owners and found that no-one is using the docks, and empty, they were looking a bit messy. The panels look much cleaner now, and the ram mount ball allows each owner to mount their own favorite tablet to use during flight. It looks and works really well.

Replaced landing lights with LED bulbs. These are much brighter and use less energy, but most importantly, they don’t go out. Traditional Piper landing lights are prone to outage due to the vibrations, and that problem has been resolved now.

Installed beautiful new carpets in Zulu. Due to wear and tear, the carpets had come loose. The new ones have been professionally installed and look and feel much better.

Created wing tip covers to protect the tip light lenses for Zulu. Exposed to the elements, the Plexiglas lenses get ‘cloudy’ over time, and we wanted to avoid this with the shiny new lenses on Zulu. One of our owners came up with an ingenious design that is easy to use and does the job. We plan to replace the Foxtrot lenses and to the same at her next annual.

We also voted at the owners meeting to get the top of Foxtrot’s wings (our other Archer) painted, which is a way to extend the life of the paint and make the airplane look good for the next few years.

Owners meeting

On September 20th, we held our annual shareholders/owners meeting. The meeting was well attended and we had a lot of great topics to discuss. Some of the things we talked about:

  • We discovered a creative way to significantly reduce our insurance premium, and decided to move forward with it.
  • We discussed the need for ADS-B out equipment in our fleet, and decided to plan to upgrade our entire fleet to be compliant with ADS-B by January 1, 2020. We also decided to put aside some of the insurance savings to pay for the ADS-B upgrades.
  • We discussed how to deal with discretionary improvements, e.g., upgrades in avionics and improvements in appearance.
  • We decided on some shared portable equipment to buy and make available for all shareholders.
  • We put in place a committee to look into shareholders’ wishes when it comes to fleet composition in the immediate or medium future.

Good to know

No minimum hours for overnight trips
PGAA owners can schedule and take an airplane overnight without committing to a minimum number of flying hours. Though there are some rules we have agreed on for extended trips, it is very easy to take a plane for a few days. For instance: if you want to go to Monterey for the weekend, leave on Friday evening and return on Sunday night, most FBO’s would require you to fly at least 4-6 hours, though the trip really wouldn’t be more than 3.5. As a PGAA owner, you have no such limitations. Another great reason to own, rather than rent.


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